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Exhibitors Section


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If you wish to change your details or add a link to your site then please let Maria know.


1.    Unloading and setting up is from 8am.  The fair opens to the public at 10am and closes at 4pm.

2.    We ask that you do not start packing up until after 4pm.

3.    One table and two chairs are provided for each exhibitor.  If you need more chairs please ask.

4.    Please cover your table so that unsightly boxes stacked under the table are hidden.

5.    You are asked not to obstruct alleyways or in front of tables, if you wish to construct additional; displays please check with organisers.

6.    There is to be no subletting, re-letting or sharing of tables without the agreement of the organisers.

7.    SAFETY Exhibitors are responsible for:-
        1. Personal insurance for themselves, their family or staff.
        2. Ensuring their belongings do not represent a hazard to the general public.

8.    LIABILITY Exhibitors are liable for damages caused by themselves, staff or family to premises, fixtures and fitting.

Have a great day